5 Latest Market Tips for Job Search

The media is telling us that two thirds of those employed are currently actively seeking a new job. Really?

I find that hard to believe.

People may be exploring and clicking on job sites like Seek but having a look rather than actively putting their CV forward.

What this information does tell me is that there is a lot of people wondering about their next move, gathering information and researching. So if you’re looking for a new job or about to embark on that journey, here are five latest market tips recently gained from recruiters.

5 Latest Market Tips for Job Search
1. Cover Letters
  • Ensure you have 3 or 4 Strong bold statements that reflect your experience relevant to the job advertisement. (No long paragraphs please!!!!!) Use bullet points.
  • No spelling or grammatical errors. Cover letters with the CV are regularly discarded by recruiters and employers if they find mistakes.
2. Curriculum Vitae’s
  • On the front page state your key experience and achievements and use numbers
  • 3 pages is the ideal length.
3. LinkedIn
  • Yes EVERYONE needs a LinkedIn profile and make sure it’s kept up to date.
  • Have your LinkedIn address on your CV.
4. Returning to Work
  • You might not have recent paid work experience but you can show your keenness and excitement about the role in your CV and cover letter. It’s the attitude that counts!
    if you can for results. Reflect with these how you can add worth to the new team
5. Interviews
  •  Show up with all of your personality at interview to make sure you are remembered! You can do this through humour, attitude and asking good questions.
  • Mention company values at interview. These are just as important as knowing what the company does.
  • Show your passion and interest in the role – surprising how many candidates don’t!
  • Have an answer to the question, “What is interesting about you?” Yes have a think about that one!


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Allison Fisher


5 Latest Market Tips for Job Search

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