I Have a Dream programme supports teenagers from low decile schools assisting them with extra tutoring and  mentoring to enable them to be successful at school so that they can go on to higher education.  This began in the US and has been running in Auckland for a few years based at Wesley Intermediate.

This is a fantastic programme and the first students will be graduating soon many of them going on to higher education to train as doctors, nurses, and policeman.  Many of whom say without this extra tutoring they would not have been able to achieve their dreams as the schools were directing them to easier subjects.

My question though is why aren’t schools enabling students to create their dreams?  I get it that schools don’t always have the capacity to guide and mentor each individual.  However do schools focus too much on being seen to be getting good exam results?  Do they push students into areas that they are more likely to pass their exams in but through which they aren’t able to go on to higher education?  I’ve certainly heard this complaint from parents.   Some schools put students in boxes early on and don’t create the building blocks for them to be successful. They are more concerned with how the school looks, how their exam results will reflect on them.

And isn’t that a reflection of our current society?  Our society also seems focused outwardly on things like  instant gratification, bigger is better, newest and latest is the best rather than what will actually make us truly happy.  And what can make us happy?  Things like connection, intimacy, friends, family, fun, having a purpose and creating our dreams!

Are Schools Dream Makers?
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