Allison Fisher Career & Life CoachSo how is it back at work post-Christmas holidays, children returned to school and routines well established? Are there some quiet questions in your mind about your life or your work? Is there some introspection taking place?

It is really important not to avoid these queries but to face them and bring them up to the surface to explore. If we avoid this exploration it is quite likely they will still be there in a year’s time, 5 years time or 10 years time by which time you could be very fed up and this may well undermine your confidence and belief in yourself and stop you from getting what you do want. So have a mind check is there some of the following musings going on in your head?

  • I’m boredAllison Fisher Career & Life Coach
  • Same old same old
  • Wish I was somewhere else
  • Wish I worked at ….
  •  I really don’t like my manager
  • Gawd this again..

Allison Fisher Career & Life CoachTo open these up and find out what is going on, here are some useful questions to ask yourself: What would be my opposite of boredom?  If I could choose anything at all, what would I be doing?  Where would I be?  What sort of people would I prefer to work with?  What am I really interested in?   What am I really good at?  These might take a while to answer.  Get some help ask friends about your strengths, what they see you being good at.  And ask them when do they see you really engaged in something?  Everyone deserves to have a fulfilling job, having some belief that you can is the first step. Call or email Allison Fisher Career & Life Coaching to talk about how you can get out of the boredom and identify what job is ideal for you.

Back at Work Blues?

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