Build YOUR Personal Power!

Build YOUR Personal Power (3)

This women’s workshop is created for all of you who are wanting to connect with yourselves, develop a stronger sense of self and make the most of YOUR LIFE right now.

Are you?

  • Wanting to make a change…. but feel like something is standing in the way?
  • Struggling to set boundaries and make time for yourself?
  • Wanting more personal power so that you are in charge of your life?

If you are ready to find solution’s to some of life’s challenges and would like tools, support and guidance you’re in exactly the right place.

You may want support with:

  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Managing the fear that comes up in everyday life
  • Calming your busy mind and managing stress

Allison Fisher well known Career & Life Coach joined by well being practitioner Jo Torlesse, using the latest research, specialise in helping people to create meaningful and satisfying lives.

At this women’s workshop, under the guidance of these two experts, you will:

  • Discover ways to manage negative mind talk
  • Develop mindfulness techniques to help you stay calm, focused and live in the moment
  • Identify healthy boundaries and the confidence to create them
  • Learn effective tools to build your own internal strength and resilience
  • Gain a renewed sense of self and a deeper level of self acceptance

Workshop Details:

Date: To Be Advised
Time: 9.30am – 5.00pm
Venue: To Be Advised

Maximum 10 participants.

Your Investment for “Build YOUR Personal Power”

$295 incl GST  

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Jo Torlesse – co –facilitator with Allison Fisher.

Make It Happen workshop facilitator Jo Torlesse, an experienced well-being practitioner.Jo T is an experienced well-being practitioner.
She’s a registered nurse, counsellor and body therapist and has worked in a diverse range of areas.
Jo brings the ‘science’ that underpins many of the strategies and tools that will be discussed in the ‘Make it Happen’ workshop. She believes in working with the whole person embracing the mental, physical, emotional and intangible aspects.

I’m passionate about supporting people who are going through personal transformation. I’m humbled by the courage of individuals who make difficult changes and I believe all the answers are hidden within we just need to bring them to life. I never underestimate the value of creativity and the joy that is experienced when we tap into what it is we love.