Career Coaching Auckland New Zealand

How does Allison Fisher Career Coaching work?

  • On our first consultation, I will take you through a process that identifies exactly where you’re at with your career and your life in general.
  • Next, we establish your coaching objectives.
  • Then, we work through what I call the “passion process” whereby you discover what inspires, motivates and energises you. (It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!)
  • From my coaching you can expect to discard any negative beliefs blocking your progress; identify your strengths, weaknesses and working style; and pinpoint the types of working environments that enhance you.
  • At the end of our sessions, you will have an individual career plan that reflects your values, attributes and true passions. In addition, you will have developed an “ideal role profile” to use when making decisions about your future.

My approach to career coaching is founded on the well-respected work of Dr Barbara Moses, combined with my own extensive coaching and human resource management experience.

“In a few short sessions I was given the confidence to know what I am suited for and alsowhat I would be happy doing regarding a job. I also had the added bonus of getting to know myself more. I would recommend anyone to go and see Allison regarding career decisions, particularly young people who are looking to choose a career.” – Janet 49 years, Administrator

Career Coaching Options

Individual Career Coaching
One-on-one career coaching sessions will give you the space and privacy to explore your individual requirements in depth.
Allison is available 5 days a week with her last appointment in the evening beginning at 6.00pm.

Group Career Coaching
I provide career workshops that allows individuals opportunities to interact with others, exchanging views and experiences.

Other Career Coaching Services
With my extensive background in human resources management, I offer my clients expert advice in:

  • How to write an outstanding curriculum vitae
  • How to research all opportunities that the job market provides
  • How to engage in good interviewing processes

“Working with Allison Fisher has been valuable to my future job search. It has helped to guide my future job search and confirmed suspicions of weaknesses and strengths and suitable work roles. I am very grateful for the exploration, guidance and confirmation received and recommend  Allison Fisher to any who are seeking advice on their next career move.” – Penny, Bachelor of Science, Administrator

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many sessions does career coaching typically entail?
That depends on what you want to achieve. Often, you will have clarity and a clear direction after three or four sessions, although it can take a little longer with some clients.

Even though I have no idea what it is I would love to do, how can Allison help me find my career niche?
Allison can assist you by providing tools and guidance to ensure that you follow the correct career direction for you.

Investment – $165 for the first 1 hour session or $245 for 1 1/2 hour sessions.
As a guide, to identify career options and direction, two sessions is useful i.e. one 1 1/2 hour session followed by a 1 hour session about a week later.
For those attending school, click here >

“The coaching has definitely cemented a lot for me, especially in respect of where I need to be heading with my career. Although I am outwardly confident, I am lacking confidence within myself. Your coaching has set me on a path to thinking more positively about myself and my abilities. This is something that I will continue to work on.” Caro, Sales Manager

“The on going support with CV, interview assistance, covering letter help and general advise on types of jobs I was picking to look at was invaluable. It gave me a lot of confidence. I actually enjoyed the interview process.” – Dianne 50 years and getting back into the workforce

“I enjoyed the personality tests and homework. The outcome for the ‘motivation in my work’ was interesting and helpful to me, as it was slightly different to what i would have expected, and there were some categories (such as “being an expert”) that i had not considered before, but realised it was very important to me.” – 23 year old female

“The Career coaching definitely met my requirements, I found that Allison managed to encourage me to focus on my skills and helped identify career paths that suited my personality and skill set. I was given the confidence to make the steps to change my career and enable me to think more openly. There was nothing additional I could have asked for, the help and support I received was fantastic.” – Mark, Senior Manager