self-portrait™ online Learning Style profile


Your child’s learning success begins here!
All parents want the best for their children.
You want them to learn and do well in school, to thrive and be happy…
to grow up and be successful as adults.
Discover your child’s personal blueprint for learning and life success through identifying your child’s learning style. Find out how your child learns best and what environment they need.


Identify the best way you learn through knowing your learning style.
Discover the ideal study environment for you, the tools needed to support your learning style and loads of study tips.  The profile also provides you with a list of your primary talents and strengths plus career possibilities.

Developed by the authors of “Discover Your Child’s Learning Style”, Mariaemma Willis & Victoria Kindle Hodson, this LearningSuccess™ profile will help you bring out the star in each of your children! Find out how you or your child learns best, customize study, eliminate destructive learning labels, avoid conflicts, and coach for learning success!

Do you help your child or teen with homework or studying?
Then we invite YOU to discover your learning style profile as well.

Countless parents have thanked us after comparing their profile results with their children’s.

“Now I understand why they don’t get it when I explain things.”
“This explains A LOT! (About my husband too.).”
“I now have a better idea of how to help my child ‘get it.”

This profile can be purchased and taken online, and you get immediate printable results and learning strategy recommendations for 5 aspects of learning style: Disposition, Modality, Environment, Interest, and Talents, plus a downloadable Parent/Student Manual.

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