Life and Career Coaching.  Your choice?As a life and career coach my day is busy as I focus on my client’s whether student or professional person assisting them with their career and life goals.

Yes I have been dragging the chain with Social Media communications but last week finally getting things sorted and got some help to progress this area, from Cathy Mellett at Netbranding, in both my business and personal areas.  It gave me pause to think more closely about this forum, how I want to use it and how it can be misused.

I do think Social Media needs to be about balance.  Let’s be clear Facebook or some other social media forums should not be a replacement for communicating with each other.  It certainly can enhance and assist us to keep in communication, send photo’s of travels and fun times, keep in touch easily with people overseas and share stories.  But good friendships are about intimacy – In-to-me-you-see – short comments on twitter or Facebook won’t enable people to really share what is going on for them.  And also we can get it wrong!  We can misinterpret what someone means or their intent in these quick communication flashes.   I wonder if those growing up with social media understand the difference?  I know of teenagers who think their best friend is someone on Facebook but they have never met them!  

As a life coach and mentor to young teenagers and student, discussing their social media networking profiles as a future point for employers to review is an important element for a young adult to embrace.  We often reflect on this during our one-on-one career and life coaching programs.

I will certainly communicate  more often now through social media but I like nothing better than picking up the phone talking directly with people with all the subtleties, nuances and feelings that a voice contributes.

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Allison Fisher

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