Teenagers Career Coaching

For parents, One on One coaching sessions includes:

Personality Assessment

*The Myers Briggs, (MBTI) personality questionnaire specifically for teenagers, is completed on line. From this your teen will be provided with  two reports:

  1. Career Report
    • Most common careers for their personality type
    • Work tasks they like to use and
    • Career options
  2. Personality Report
    • Strengths and stretches
    • How they prefer to interact with others, process information and make decisions
    • Study skill strategies
    • Suggestions for working with others, friends, teachers and parents


Through a series of exercises information is gathered on what skills they like to use, what their interests and passions are, what they dream about doing and what is really important to them in a job or career that will assist them to be successful.

Action Plan

At the completion of the process students will leave the sessions with an action plan of what to do next.  This could include spending time with people who do the job they are interested in, digging deeper into identified study courses or even goals to achieve for study. We can also provide where possible people to talk with who do the jobs teenagers are interested in.   School subject choices are checked as well as information provided on where best to study.

Follow up

After the two sessions, students may come back the following week, month, 6 months or year – all included in the one fee.  This could be, as an example, to clarify a study course or confirm a direction.


After the two one hour sessions with the student the outcomes are discussed with parents either by phone or in person.  Students are encouraged to discuss with their parents what they have discovered and their planned actions.

Investment for One on One Coaching

$350 inclusive of GST.  Includes all tools and assessments, two one hour sessions and follow up either by phone or in person.

For those in Year 10 or 11 often just one session is needed to identify strengths and subject choices. $125 inclusive of  GST.

“MBTI process, finding out strengths and weaknesses, helped career path. Made me realize that first year science and psychology was what I wanted to do.” – Nikki, Year 13 Macleans College

Ability Testing

This is not included in the fee above as we believe this only needs to be completed if:

  • We are unsure of a student’s potential
  • School has not supported a student’s potential
  • An assessment is needed for a particular course of study to ascertain ability

Ability testing includes 3 assessments:

Verbal & Numeric Reasoning

  • Assesses what has been taught at school.  The verbal reasoning measures fluency and basic vocabulary.  While numeric reasoning assesses the ability to use numbers in a logical, efficient way.

Abstract Reasoning

  • Excellent tool as success or otherwise at school has no impact on this assessment. So no matter what level of school ability the student is, this test will measure the innate smarts of a student.  Assesses logic and reasoning. Very useful to assess potential as well as for those with English as a second language.

Note:  There is an additional $50 for ability assessments.

Other areas that Coaching can cover:

  • Study skills – providing tools and advice on how to study well.  Setting study goals.
  • Teaching students about  topics such as self responsibility, motivation and having a positive attitude
  • CV development
  • Interview skills.

“MBTI results were helpful. I feel more confident with my options next year and that it’s ok for me to change career paths.” – Year 13, Epsom Girls Grammar

Career Path Workshops

This three hour career path workshop is for students in Year 11, 12 or 13 and covers all assessments included in the one on one session’s, with some individual attention.

Advantages of a Workshop:

  • Students find they are “normal” in their career indecision when compared to others
  • Students get to hear about other career options and ideas from their peers
  • Discover everyone is different and that’s a good thing
  • Discover that they have their very own unique talents
  • Affordable

Workshops occur every school holidays both in Newmarket and Westharbour.

Investment: $195 inclusive of GST plus receive a free follow up by phone valued at $100.   Book in now for the next workshop as only 8 places available at each workshop!

“Thank you, you have helped me clear my mind of ifs and buts.” – Joel, 17 years

“Meeting was good. Opened my eyes to all the options I still have.” – Daniel, 17 Year

“Helped me greatly, pointing me in the right direction and putting everything onto paper, giving me a tangible goal. I am extremely grateful for the experience.” – Scott, Year 13

Who would benefit from Career Coaching?

  • Those who have decided to study, but don’t quite know what career they will pursue
  • Those who thought they knew their career direction but are now wavering
  • Those needed to choose school subjects from year 10 to 13
  • Have little idea of a career direction
  • Some idea but not really sure
  • Those who need confirmation and affirmation of their direction
  • Those who want to choose subjects for next year

“I came in not knowing what to expect, and of course not knowing what I wanted to do. After one insightful session I was provoked into thinking about myself and what I could do or be.”