So what is stopping you in making changes. Fear? Are there some things you want to do but there's always a BUT?

Something just gets in the way and stops you from moving forward?

It’s likely you generally know what you want in life.  Maybe your job is OK but you think you should get on and find something you do like, maybe you would like more friends, maybe you would really like to do that half marathon but…or you have a business idea but just can’t quite make it happen.

Something just stops you from taking action and moving forward.

Perhaps you get so far, get stuck, and pull back.  Something gets in the way of achieving some things you’d like to make happen.

Do you hear that a lot from your friends and peers?

Things that can stop us from doing what we truly want are
fear, lack of confidence, and perhaps lack of skill.

It’s when we let the fear, or whatever else it is, take hold and stop us from doing what we want that it can annoy, create anxiety and stop us from being fully creative and joyful in our lives.

If you are feeling the fear, and it is stopping you from doing something, ask yourself these questions to discover what the fear might really be about:

  • Do I fear being seen and standing out from the crowd?
  • Do I fear making the wrong move?
  • Do I fear failure?
  • Do I fear getting hurt?
  • Do I fear parental or family disapproval?
  • Do I fear being different?
  • Do I fear being successful?

Then start talking to that part of you that is scared, reassure, talk to a good friend about your real fear, get into it and open it up.

Once you are aware of it,
it’s much easier to work with it.

Also ask yourself –

‘If I wasn’t fearful what is the first thing I would do’?

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So … What’s Stopping You?

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