Coaching Success Stories

Barbara was returning to work after a few years of adhoc work but had had no long term job for 10 years. At 40, her children were now at high school and she felt it was time to get on with her career. We looked at her Myers Briggs profile and skills she liked to use and it quickly became apparent that she was an excellent project manager or office manager. We then updated her curriculum vitae. She kept an eye on vacancies on Seek and within 2 months of beginning her career sessions, of which she had 3, was successful in obtaining a job.

A 38 year old male came for a career review. He was satisfied in his Learning and Development role in a large corporate but realized he needed to plan his next steps to ensure he was set up for the future. This was easily done in 3 sessions. Through the coaching he was also able to design life goals which if he achieves these would set him up for his retirement and on going well being. “Helped me identify where I want to head in my career long term and the steps involved to achieve that.”

Robyn was 27 years of age and had worked at Fonterra for 5 years. She was getting bored and just felt a bit stuck. She knew she could progress within Fonterra but the career progression didn’t tempt her. Through her career sessions she realised it was time for a career change. The career in analytical work had been fine to date but it was now time to move on. She had a special interest in international affairs and will now go and study to attain a qualification to progress in this area.

Marie is a maths teacher at a secondary school. She had already had one previous career but still just hadn’t found her niche. Her main hobby was the outdoors mainly to do with water. Through a career review and focusing on what she enjoyed as well as the skills she liked to use she is now applying for a 3 year degree in River Engineering. “Work with Allison helped to explain why I was finding it so hard teaching.”

Andrea had had a variety of jobs through her 34 years. Never really settled or found the thing she enjoyed. She was stuck and really disliking her current nanny job. She had a wide range of interests and liked working on her own. She liked finding solutions and fixing things. After identifying the one thing that was holding her back the most she was able to look outside the square and find the thing which was perfect for her. She decided to recycle and restore other people’s bits and pieces and sell these on the internet. These combined all of her interests and in fact this solidified something she had already begun.

Young successful and a full time accountant but just wasn’t happy in her career. Lucy could easily tap into her creativity, she was already painting, and could do many many things with this but she just wasn’t sure if she wanted to take the creative direction. She took a break from work and researched her study options. In her late 20s she didn’t have a degree and really felt it was time to study. After much contemplation she realized her enjoyment of applied sciences, and enrolled in Biodiversity Management which would satisfy her interest in the environment. She realised she was already capable in the creative areas and needed something different to stretch her. “Thank you for helping me see this direction and helping me realise my ideal working environment!”