Teenagers and University Students – Selecting a Career Path Auckland New Zealand

Hello Parents

Are you concerned your teenager is unsure about their career path?

Do you think if they did know they would be more motivated?

It can be very confusing for teenagers and students who are stepping out from school or university to decide their career path and let’s face it it’s a big decision to make.

My Year 11 daughters session with you, was very worthwhile. It helped clarify the direction she wants to take and more relevant, it confirmed the importance/benefit of her pursuing photography. So with the knowledge from the tests etc you did, she was able to go back to H.O.D of photography and persist with her application. She was successful!! There and then, the H.O.D. gave her approval, so we are both thrilled! Thank you for your encouragement and helping her turn her uncertainties into a more positive direction! 

Are they stuck completely?  Or have an inkling but aren’t 100% sure?

Their first career step needs to be a considered and well thought out one. Teens need to gather information and make a decision that is in line with their unique skills and personality.  Through one on one coaching or a workshop students are taken through a powerful process
that assists them to choose a career path ideal for them.

One on One Career Coaching

This individual coaching is usually held in two one hour sessions over a period of one to two weeks.  The sessions are adapted to each student.

Students will come away with:

  • An understanding of their strengths
  • Personality type assessment and understanding of how this relates to selecting
    a career path
  • Career direction or career options that draw on their strengths, passions/interests, values and natural talents
  • School subject choices
  • An action plan of what to do next
  • Knowledge of future careers and the realities of the working world to day

Parents, read more about the One on One coaching sessions >

Thank you so much for sending a ‘more inspired’ young man home to me this afternoon! He is very motivated to investigate some of the options you have suggested to him!

Hello there Teen

Do you need help to decide on your career direction?

Do you need help to decide what subjects are best for you to take at school?

It can be a tough decision especially if you have pressure from others including your parents to make a choice.

To make a decision you need information. Information about you, your interests, skills, values and personality so that you can make an informed choice. This is where Career Coaching can help you.

I was sceptical going into the meeting as I had been talked into it by Dad, but it was very
helpful. I was in a tight spot and really needed help figuring out in the short term how to make the next move. 

Year 13 Teen, Mt Eden

What will you get from Career Coaching?

  • Career direction or career options that draw on your strengths, passions/interests, and skills
  • An understanding of your strengths and talents
  • A report which outlines ideal careers for you
  • Study options
  • School subject choices
  • An action plan of what to do next
  • Knowledge of future careers and the realities of the working world to day

How will this assist me?

  • You will select a career path that is right for you
  • Understand why you are choosing that path and be able to explain to others
  • Know your strengths and talents
  • Get a grip on study options
  • Feel more motivated as you will know your direction

Teens & Students, read more about the One on One coaching sessions >

“Has helped me to get a better idea of where I am headed in my career and life in general. I was able to better understand where I want to head, and ensure that I am choosing the path that is best for me and not the path the best allows me to prove something to others. I also enjoyed getting all of the personality diagnosis print outs – was very interesting!” – Nicholas, Year 12

“Thank you, you have helped me clear my mind of Ifs and buts.” – Joel, 17 years

“Meeting was good. Opened my eyes to all the options I still have.” – Daniel, 17 Years