I’ve been thinking about how we use words in everyday life.  And I wonder if we  use words enough to tell people how we feel about them, thank them for something they have done for us, admire how well they did something or just say how nice they look.  Sometimes I think it and don’t say it, sometimes I forget to say it and sometimes I get too busy.  There are different ways we can feedback to others.  We could use a card, a txt, an email or say it face to face.  For those who are close to you it would be clever to find out how they like to receive feedback.  A friend of mine just adores receiving and giving cards.  She chooses her words very carefully when she writes in a card.  Now her children write lovely words to her on mother’s day and she writes them a card too.  I guess that is her love language.

Saying nice things to others really takes so little time and those receiving it get such reward from them.  It really is a magical process, the saying of lovely words from the heart to someone and to feel their grateful response.

So that’s my intention for the week is to say more nice things to others.  You might like to try it too.  Be really aware of when and how you can give some lovely feedback to others.

The Magic of Words

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