Have you been thinking about setting goals for 2016 but still haven’t quite got round to it?

You know goal setting really doesn’t need to be hard.  Sometimes a lot of energy is taken up by the thinking of it rather than the doing of goal setting!

Certainly challenges can get in the way like the effort of actually finding the time to write them, wanting to achieve way too much or simply just not knowing what it is you want!


Here’s an easy way to do them and keep an eye on them through the year:

Firstly it’s about setting an Intention. An Intention is to have in mind a purpose or plan, something to aim for like your dreams, passions, hopes and dreams. Have a piece of paper available to write down your ideas about what you want to happen this year. Jot down your ideas as they come to you.

Have it as your intention for the week by asking yourself “If I could create or have whatever I wanted this year in my life what would be happening? – in my relationships, in my career in my personal life etc?” Here’s a couple of examples of Intentions “ To find a new Career”; “To get physically fit and healthy.”

“Is that all I hear you say?”  Yep that’s all.Journal

A good idea is to write your intentions and goals in a special journal, your diary or a diary separate to your everyday one.

From these Intentions decide what are your most important goals for this month? What is it that you need to do to make these intentions come alive? Draw some large circles and write these inside. For instance for the health intention above, a goal could be ‘To research healthy food options.’

Finally each week decide what tasks you need to do to achieve your goals for the month and write those in small circles or you could pop these at the start of each week in your diary.tick

And your off! So at the end of each month check in with your years intentions, review last month’s goals, re write them for the new month, and continue your actions each week.

And yes please do CHANGE your goals if after a while they just don’t fit!

I’m happy to discuss any queries you have around goal setting.  Email or call me.

Three Easy Steps to Setting Your Goals!
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