Allison Fisher, Career & Life CoachChristmas day does not have to mean the traditional large family, turkey, ham and beautiful summers day.  Christmas isn’t like that for many and who is to say what is the best kind of Christmas anyway?  Having expectations of what things are “supposed” to be at Christmas can create disappointment and dissatisfaction.  Also the mind will start comparing what others do and have,  and ask Why aren’t we like them!!  Not great for confidence!  This Christmas you decide what you want it to be and with who.

So here are a couple of things to remember at this time of year –

a) What you see in others isn’t necessarily what is real.  Read the glossy gossip magazines and everyone seems like they have such happy families and going to have an amazing Christmas.  Really???  I think not – often what is portrayed is the good stuff not the hard tough, tragic stuff that happens within families.Allison Fisher, Career & Life Coaching

b) Love what you have.  This isn’t the time to wish for a different life/family/mother/house/ in law etc.  This is the time to acknowledge what you do have, whether it’s the love of a wonderful friendship, your gorgeous puppy or a lovely spouse.

c) What can you do with what you have?  How about deciding how you would like your Christmas to be this year.  Forget about “supposed to” and think about wants.  What is the food you can afford and would like?  How can you make it interesting?  Who do you really want to spend Christmas day with and where would you like it to be?  On the beach, at a cafe, in the bush?

This year make Christmas special for you in whatever way that is.

Allison Fisher, Career & Life CoachingWhat ever you do wherever you are, have a merry Christmas day and may 2015 bring all you wish for and all the love you need.



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What Does Christmas Mean To You?
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