A few days ago I was chatting to a 65 year old women, Kate, who was telling me about her “next” career step.  It was so refreshing to hear her speak positively about what she was creating.  No angst, no concern just combining an interest and the opportunity.

Next Step

Statistics tell us that we are living and will live longer than ever before so we will have much more time and opportunity to create new jobs for ourselves.

Too often I hear people say “I’m too old to get a job”, “employers only want young people”, whether this is true or not the reality is we have to keep asking ourselves the what next question.  Turn the questions around and be like Kate and ask yourself “what’s my next move?”  Yes there are obstacles but what could satisfy you?  It could be part time, full time, paid unpaid, high energy, creative or physical.  The challenge is to firstly ponder the question not just be influenced by what the statistics say.

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What’s YOUR next Career Step?

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